Best Water Purifiers/R.O Systems Under Rs. 8000

Cartgo - Best Water Purifiers/R.O Systems Under Rs. 8000 08 Apr

Best Water Purifiers/R.O Systems Under Rs. 8000

Water is required by all human being and is essential for the survival. Dehydration can lead to failure of organs and to severe fatal internal malfunction and diseases. Water is required by our whole body, it is like fuel to vehicles, without water our body goes stagnant. As we know and see the quantity of water is in abundance but the quality is in sparse, this makes the use of water purifiers indispensable. In order to live a healthy life, we need to check the quality of the water we are drinking. Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids, and gases from water. The goal is to produce water fit for specific purposes.

Water Purifiers help in eradicating the microorganisms and bacteria along with some dissolved impurities and chemicals. Water purifiers with RO membrane are also capable enough to convert the hard water into soft water for consumption. Our tap water sometimes isn’t that purified, so, to be doubly sure it is highly advisable to have a purifier in the house for the sake of the safety of your family from diseases. The market is flooded with hundreds and thousands of purifiers from different brands with their own singularity but we have our budget to retrain and in that limited budget we seek the best the market has to offer. Cartgo offers best Water Purifiers / R.O Systems, under Rs. 8,000 which are feature packed and budget-friendly for middle class families.

1.   MOBI (Rs. 6000 )

* 8Ltr. Water Storage Capacity

* U.V+UF+T.D.S Controller

* Fully Automatic R.O. System

2.   BLUE STAR (Rs. 4800)

* 7 Ltr. Transparent Water Storage Tank

* Fully Automatic, R.O System

3.   PEARL (Rs. 7925)

* 17Ltr. Water Storage Capacity

* U,F + Minral Cartridge+UV+T.D.S Controller

* Specially For High T.D.S

* Beautiful Transparent Body

 4.   GOLD (Rs. 6275)

* 12Ltr. Water Storage Capacity

* U.F+T.D.S Controller

* R.O. With U.V Technology

5.   PIO (Rs. 6825)

* 15Ltr. Water Storage Capacity

* U.F+ Minral Cartridge+U.V+T.D.S Controller

* Specially For High T.D.S

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