Best Roti Maker For Your Kitchen

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Best Roti Maker For Your Kitchen

As we believe, that the best roti maker will lead to the best roti ever. With this being said, it is really a hard task for you to find and get just the best roti maker that you and your family will love. And because we hear your adversity, we are here to help you out! We have squeezed in all the user reviews and data online about roti makers in the market to bring you the best pieces of advice you need before buying one. Make sure to note everything that will be discussed below so you can stir away from any regrets not being able to get that best roti maker for your home.

1. Price

It is important that the price must be fit with your budget. But for roti makers, the price equates quality. Don’t settle for less as it may cost you more in the long run. Cheaper models might not give you the good quality of roti that you want or it may lead you to shell out more money for repairs. Balance the quality to that of your budget so you can save yourself from frustrations.

2. Temperature and Power Usage

For best result, the cooking surface of the roti maker should reach 425 degrees F. Roti maker consumes less power, so it is one of the most economical appliances, especially as it saves you from using gas. But more or less for a maker with a 10-inch tawa, it requires a total of 1000 watts.

3. Tawa Material and Size

It should be made of aluminum as it is a good distributor of heat. Also, it should be made of non-stick material so you don’t need to add much oil on it because more oil is not good for health. To make the best roti, choose 8 to 10 inches tawa sizes. This is chosen also based on the size of your family as some griddle/tawa material can cook faster than others and with consistent size and quality.

List Of best companies that provide A best Roti Makker based on above points.

1.     Prestige

2.     Sunflame

3.     Cartgo

4.     BAJAJ

5.     Xodi Eagle

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